Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dr. Neil Anderson Leads Nashville Residents through Steps to Freedom

2Founder of Freedom in Christ Ministries, Dr. Neil Anderson has 20 years of pastoral and teaching experience and conducts seminars on Christ-centered counseling all over the world. Mercy Ministries has used many of Dr. Anderson’s books and resources for years including “Victory Over the Darkness,” “Bondage Breaker,” and “Freedom in Christ” to guide residents through practical steps to freedom from life controlling issues. Dr. Anderson maintains a very busy schedule, yet still managed to devote three days last week to our Nashville residents and staff teaching them how to overcome their pasts, and obtain lasting freedom in Christ. Dr. Anderson explained that by choosing Biblical truth over our emotions and thoughts, we can be freed from the burdens of our past and live victoriously.

The vision of Freedom in Christ Ministries is to help people resolve their personal and spiritual conflicts and find their freedom in Christ. We are so amazed at how God continues to provide personal ministry opportunities and dynamic teaching through incredible ministry leaders like Dr. Neil Anderson. The residents were deeply impacted and had this to say about Dr. Anderson’s generous time in our Nashville home:

Maddye said, “I learned that what I do does not determine who I am. Who I am determines what I do. If I am with Christ, I have nothing and no one to fear because I have God on my side.”

Nicole said, “Dr. Anderson explained that God’s compassion is intertwined with everything He does. I desire to have a true knowledge of who God is.”

Bobbie said, “Before coming to Mercy, I didn’t even know what a stronghold was, so I appreciate him explaining all of this slowly and with supporting examples. I realize now that God doesn’t want to bypass my mind. He wants me to focus my mind on Him.”

Jessica said, “I plan to stay in the Word, make a plan of action when temptation comes, pray continuously and make the choice to have faith. I can already tell that God is going to use what I have learned to transform me.”

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To learn more about Dr. Neil Anderson or Freedom in Life Ministries, visit their website