Friday, September 11, 2009

Worship Leader Shelby Singler Visits St. Louis Home

Worship leader Shelby Singler, of Faith Church St. Louis was invited to our St. Louis home last Wednesday to share with residents. Shelby first learned about Mercy Ministries in 1997 when she was working for Joyce Meyer Ministries. After touring the St. Louis home when it was first being built, Shelby became excited that she could get involved with the ministry in a practical way.

Driven by a passion for worship, Shelby loves to see our young women passionately worship God. Her teaching focused on allowing God to tear down our defensiveness or “walls.” She encouraged the girls to allow their defensive structures to fall off piece by piece so that they can have right relationships with God and with others.

Here is what a few of our girls had to say about Shelby’s visit and timely teaching:

Amanda said, “When Shelby spoke about breaking down walls and dealing with things appropriately, it ministered to me because I am currently in the process of doing this and I know I can move forward!”

Brye said, “My favorite thing Shelby said was, ‘Change is inevitable, progress is optional.’”

Rachael said, “Since coming to Mercy, I’ve been realizing that many of the walls I thought were gone have been showing up again. Shelby really encouraged me by teaching that God will help me take these barriers down one stone at a time.”

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