Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Highlights from the Joyce Meyer Conference

This past weekend, Nashville residents were excited to receive powerful and life-changing, yet practical teaching at Joyce Meyer’s Conference right here in Nashville. New York Times best-selling author and leading Bible teacher, Joyce Meyer, has helped millions of people find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ through her practical and matter-of-fact personality. She is a firm believer and teaches that regardless of a person’s mistakes, God has a plan and a purpose for everyone and He can help them enjoy their everyday life.

Having suffered sexual abuse in her childhood and the pain of an emotionally abusive first marriage, Joyce relates to the transformation offered to our young ladies through the Mercy Ministries program. Residents listened intently as Joyce opened her conference with a message about living a life of generosity. She shared that we need to think of others before ourselves and that generosity gives without expecting to receive. It strips us of our selfish nature and helps us to forgive others. Throughout the weekend, she challenged conference attendees with powerful messages about pride, knowing who you are in Christ, and closed the weekend with an awesome message about overcoming.

Joyce was joined by sought-after worship leader and songwriter, Matt Redman who led the crowd in strong worship during each session. On Saturday morning, Joyce invited Mercy Ministries’ founder, Nancy Alcorn up to the stage to share about the ministry. With an overwhelming heart of gratitude, Nancy honored Joyce and Dave Meyer and their ministry and thanked them for all they have done for Mercy Ministries as well as other ministries that are helping hurting people around the world.

Here is what a few of the residents had to say about this life-changing conference:

Gina said, “I thought the Joyce Meyer Conference was very inspirational and uplifting. The things she taught about were exactly what I needed. It was a great experience!”

Lauren said, “I now have a better understanding of what pride is and I was reminded that it is important how we treat others. I had a great time!”

Rachael said, “I really enjoyed the praise and worship and her messages are always so powerful. I always learn something valuable.”