Thursday, September 17, 2009

Graduates Share More Than Beauty Tips at the Nashville Home

Ashley Hunt, former Mercy Ministries resident and owner of Louie Belle Enterprises, a wholesale cosmetic company, and former resident Carolee Lerma, took time to visit the Nashville residents and share with them their love for some of the small things in life – including eye shadow, foundation and blush! Residents had fun learning about their specific facial features and finding ways to enhance their natural beauty. Two of the residents were so thankful to get an overall makeover and discovered which colors work best with their skin tones and what tools should be used to apply these cosmetics.

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We would like to thank Ashley and Carolee for their generosity and willingness to come back and encourage our residents about life after Mercy while teaching them some practical beauty tips. Here is what a few of the residents had to say about this special time of pampering:

Andi said, “ My mini makeover was so much fun. I appreciated Ashley for taking her time to work with me and show me more about make-up! What a blessing!”

Bethany said, “I haven’t felt that pampered and beautiful in a LONG time!”

Nicole said, “Ashley was such a sweetheart! She didn’t just hurry through. She took time to talk to us and tell us her story. I was really encouraged. I loved her time with us and hope she comes back again!”

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