Friday, September 11, 2009

Dr. Josh Axe Leads a Mercy Makeover!

Mercy Ministries Nashville residents and staff have been honored to host ministry partner, Dr. Josh Axe, chiropractor, health and wellness coach, and founder of Exodus Health Center, as a special guest speaker for a four week “Mercy Makeover” series. Exodus Health Center takes a holistic approach to wellness with chiropractic care, nutritional education, and customized health plans. Dr. Axe has a vision to see our young women empowered with practical advice about God’s biblical principles for healthy living, and has donated hours of service and expertise to our residents and staff in addition to being a financial partner with the ministry.

Using God’s principles rather than man’s, Dr. Axe walked residents through key choices that they can make when they are choosing healthy foods. By reading labels and eliminating dangerous ingredients such as food additives and preservatives, choosing healthy foods can be easier when we look for a shorter list of ingredients. After showing examples of every day grocery products and their labels, he challenged the girls and staff to ask this question, “Is this a food by god or a food by man?”

Dr. Axe also shared valuable information from how to prevent cancer and the right way to exercise, to the importance of taking time to write down dreams and goals in life. Dr. Axe has an evident passion for helping people experience abundant life and health the way God intended. Here is what a few of the girls had to say about his visit:

Lindsay said, “I’ve learned that I need to read the labels of foods before choosing to eat them. Just because something says that it’s natural or healthy doesn’t mean it really is. It’s really important to stay healthy in all ways of life.”

Hannah said, “Dr. Axe’s message impacted me because we only have one chance to live so we must make the most of it! God created us to live abundantly. Have a vision!”

Jessica said, “I am really excited about the weeks to come and learning more. God calls us to change and I am learning to embrace change instead of being terrified of it. It is really refreshing!”

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