Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Covenant Family Church’s Senior Pastor Mark Drake Encourages St. Louis Residents

1Pastor Mark Drake of Covenant Family Church in St. Louis has been a faithful supporter of the Mercy Ministries St. Louis home. Pastor Mark is passionate about radical life transformation and leading people toward an understanding of the power of God rather than constant re-commitment. He and his wife Linda spent nine years traveling every day of the year, living out of motels, in order to help new ministries. Today, Mark’s ministry helps to empower leaders around the world.

This month, Pastor Mark visited the St. Louis residents with a message about what it means for Christ to “live” inside of us. He challenged the residents to look to Christ as their life source instead of trying to live by their own good intentions. Pastor Mark also brought the girls copies of his book, God’s Brilliant Plan, that teaches how to break free from fear and start living with great joy!

Here is what a few of the residents had to say about Pastor Mark’s encouraging teaching and time at the St. Louis home.

Michaela said, “Mark Drake has so much knowledge and insight to share. His book, God’s Brilliant Plan, is one of a kind, and I’m thankful he blessed us all with a copy!”

Brye said, “I learned that hindsight is 20/20 or else we would always make the same mistakes twice.”

Katie said, “He spoke directly to my heart with his message about God being the vine, the source of the fruit, and us being His branches. There were several questions that I have been struggling with, and He spoke truth into my life.”

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Mercy Ministries would like to give a special thanks to Pastor Mark Drake for making time to encourage our St. Louis residents. Staff and residents always look forward to when he comes to visit.

To learn more about Pastor Mark Drake and Covenant Family Church, visit their website at www.covenantstl.com.