Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vietnam Veteran, Dave Roever, Shares His Story with Monroe Residents

Mercy Ministries Monroe residents were invited to hear Vietnam veteran, Dave Roever, share his inspiring story of survival and triumph at First Assembly Church this past Sunday. Sought after both nationally and internationally as a motivational speaker to active duty military and to young people, Dave communicates the importance of perseverance, positive self esteem, hope and healing.

When drafted to enlist in the Navy in 1968, Dave had no idea that he would come home from Vietnam badly injured and disfigured from a grenade that exploded next to his face, severely burning most of his body. The girls were amazed to learn that when his body was still on fire, Dave jumped into a river. After surfacing, his next words were, “God, I still believe in you!” A buddy of his, realizing what had just happened, became aware of the reality of faith and gave his heart to God right there. The incident was incredibly horrific and painful, but because of his foundation in faith, Dave chose to trust God and believe that he had a divine destiny.

The resulting disfigurement and scars did not overcome God’s purpose for Dave’s life. He shared with residents that during his time in the hospital, he began to realize that his life would never be the same, but in the midst of that reality, he knew that God was going to turn his tragedy into triumph. Dave’s message seemed to strike a chord with the girls. That message being that no matter how tough things get, don’t give up on yourself because God can use any of us in a mighty way if we let Him.

Here is what a few of the girls had to say about Dave’s message:

Krystal said, “His testimony was eye-opening for me. It is inspiring that someone can come out of something so traumatic completely healed by the grace of God.”

Sarah said, “God can work through the terrible things that Satan throws at us. I need to fight through it because God has a plan for me.”

Katie said, “He was awesome! I can relate to pain and a desire to die for fear of not being loved. I was especially touched by the story he told about the man who carried him to the tub in the hospital and assured him that he was going to be alright. I’m so thankful that I have people who love me and tell me I’m going to make it.”

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