Monday, August 17, 2009

Mercy Supporters Larry and Pam Winters Honored in St. Louis

Last week, St. Louis residents and staff were honored by a visit from Larry and Pam Winters, founders of “Leadership Team Development (LTD).” The Winters passionately support the work of Mercy Ministries through spreading the vision of Mercy to thousands, as well as being financial partners with the ministry. During their visit, they hosted the St. Louis residents in a private box at the St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. Larry and Pam were also in town to be celebrated for their personal contribution to the Mercy Ministries’ St. Louis home. After commemorating with the girls and staff at a resident graduation on Tuesday, the Winters were honored with a dedication service for the home’s dining room that the couple personally sponsored.

As a part of this special dedication, Selah Hirsch, Director of Development for the St. Louis home, introduced the Winters family and described their connection to the very heart of Mercy. “The dedication of the dining room wonderfully reflects the Winters’ amazing efforts to support Mercy. In times like these, I believe we link our hearts together toward the goal of saving lives,” explained Selah.

Hearts were touched as Pam shared part of her personal testimony as many of the residents identified with her story of past abuse. Larry Winters then shared about how much he loves his wife and explained that he is so passionate about Mercy because it is a ministry that helps women receive freedom from life-controlling issues. The girls and staff were incredibly moved by the couple’s amazing commitment to Mercy Ministries.

It was a privilege to have the Winters family and guests in the St. Louis home for a beautiful day of celebration. Here is what some of the residents had to say about these special events and this amazing couple:

Kim said, “I was so moved and personally touched by how the Lord worked through the Winters to provide for Mercy! Our seats at the Cardinals game were incredible and it made the game that much more exciting. The Winters are amazing people!”

Sydnie said, “I enjoyed the Winters coming to graduation. They are like family now and I’m so glad they came to celebrate and have lunch with us. They are such a blessing to Mercy!”

Rachael said, “I really appreciate Pam Winters’ testimony about her experiences with abuse in the past. This touched the hearts of the Mercy girls so much!”

Candace said, “The Cardinals baseball game made my first day at Mercy very memorable. The Winters are very kind and big-hearted people.”

We are honored to be able to dedicate the St. Louis dining room to the Winters as one way to say “thank you” for their generous support and partnership with Mercy Ministries. We wanted to share this slideshow of pictures from the special time we had with the Winters family.