Tuesday, August 18, 2009

COLMANblue Visits Mercy Ministries!

Christian alternative artists, COLMANblue, wanted to encourage the Nashville Mercy Ministries’ residents and staff by leading worship and sharing their hearts at the home last Thursday. Chrissy Katina and Kristin Schweain, formerly of Dove Award-winning music group ZOEgirl, and Kelli Trontell, 2007 Top American Idol Songwriter, have teamed up recently to deliver a new and defining worship sound.

Between sharing some of their new songs, Chrissy gave a powerful testimony that really hit home with many of the girls, and also shared how her sister-in-law went through the Mercy Ministries program and graduated from the Monroe home. She encouraged residents to surrender their plans to God because His plans are much greater than our own. One of their hit songs, “Flowers and Grace,” described how much women love receiving flowers – yet knowing what God has done for us – He’s given us so much more than a bouquet of flowers, He’s given us forgiveness!

COLMANblue has a straightforward approach using scripture filled lyrics and intentional dependence on God that touched the hearts of the Mercy girls. We are so thankful that they took time out to share their talent and give encouragement to our residents. Here is what a few of the girls had to say about their visit:

Nicole said, “Chrissy’s testimony was cool because we got to see how God fulfilled her dream in a better way than she thought. I can have faith and believe that God has His best in mind for me.”

Brandy said, “They really showed me how when we give up our will and follow God, we always end up happier in the end. I’m learning to surrender."

Karen said, “When the girls were singing, I had a memory come to mind of a night last year when God spoke very clearly to me. I was reminded to keep pushing forward and do what He’s called me to. This visit really empowered me to find healing no matter what it takes.”

Kristan said, “Despite the fact that we mess up a lot, His grace is enough. His mercy covers us. It’s such an awesome reality!

Check out this video of COLMANblue’s time at Mercy.

To learn more about COLMANblue, visit their website at www.colmanblue.com