Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Special Guest Speaker Encourages Louisiana Residents

Carla Pilgreen, former stylist of a local family-owned salon called New Creations in Monroe, LA, came by this week to encourage the Monroe residents. As a new member of Mercy’s Community Board in the Monroe area, Carla has a deep compassion for hurting young women and a desire to connect with the vision of Mercy and use her talents and resources to help in any way possible.

Carla’s time with the residents was such a lift for them. Each girl was encouraged in a personal way to continue on her journey during her time at Mercy.

The following is what a few of the residents had to say about Carla’s teaching:

Samantha said, “I loved how Carla said that life with Christ is a process…that is so true! But God is able to sustain me throughout the process.”

Christy said, “I do want to know Him and the only way is by reading the Word. Carla talked about forgiveness and how we have this horrible feeling in our stomach that won't go away. We need to make the choice to forgive, including ourselves, which I need to do.”

Christine said, “We must have the Word in our hearts, and it will then come from our mouth. When we realize God loves us, then we can love others. The Word give us hope for today and strength for tomorrow. Life with Christ is process and a series of choices.”

Kristy said, “I've taken one step and then a step backward. The Lord wants me to take one step at a time. It will be slow, but I will be steadfast, and I'll be putting my feet on a Rock.”