Monday, June 8, 2009

Singer and Author, Karyn Williams shares with the residents of Mercy Ministries Nashville, TN

Author and Singer/Songwriter Karyn Williams was invited to our Nashville home last Wednesday to sing and share with our girls. As the eldest daughter of longtime NBA Executive and Orlando Magic Vice President Pat Williams, it is safe to say that Karyn is familiar with the athletic arena. While speaking at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes conference in the St. Louis area, Nancy Alcorn had the opportunity to connect with Karyn. Karyn then came and toured our Nashville home and shortly after, she was invited back to sing for and encourage our residents. Originally, Karyn moved to Nashville with a desire to pursue music, but to her surprise music has not been her only opportunity.

At 28 years of age, Karyn just released her first book this past May. “The Takeaway”, which she co-wrote with her dad, is a reflection of the most important life lessons that she learned from her dad. Karyn is also a gifted songwriter here in Nashville for Brentwood Benson Music Publishing and in 2008, she had her first cut on a major recording project. Karyn graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Journalism/Broadcast Communications. She also earned the title of Miss University of Florida 2000. Karyn clearly wears many hats while maintaining a genuine passion for the Lord and for people.

Karyn, with the help of songwriter Brian White, sang several songs for our Nashville residents. Throughout the performance, Karyn shared her powerful testimony as a way to encourage the girls to leave their past mistakes behind. Karyn also talked to the girls about the importance of building healthy relationships and looking toward their future with hope.

The following is what a few of the girls had to say about Karyn’s visit.

Amber said, “I really liked Karyn. She really inspired me. All the songs she sang really had an impact on my life and it was something I actually needed to hear. I hope she comes back again!”

Jessica said, “I loved Karyn Williams and Brian White coming here. I was so blessed and the lyrics to their songs brought me hope and joy. I was so glad to know God’s perfect timing brought them here when I needed it the most.”

Julie said, “I really loved their visit. I liked how Karyn sang that there is no future in my past and that past decisions can’t keep me from future achievements. I was so blessed by their visit.”

Jessica said, “I loved both of them! They were both awesome! I loved how she said - find a man who brings out the qualities you want in yourself! She reminded me that there is NO future in my past and I need to make the most of each day.”

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