Friday, May 29, 2009

Phillip Hunter, Founder of ZOE Student Ministries, Visits St. Louis Home

Mercy Ministries St. Louis residents and staff were honored to host Phillip Hunter, founder and director of ZOE Ministries, and Ashley King, Girls’ Director of ZOE as their special guests on Wednesday morning. ZOE, a parachurch ministry to the metro St. Louis area, is aimed at encouraging young people to live fulfilled lives with hope and security through Jesus Christ.

ZOE Student Ministries has come alongside Mercy Ministries in a number of ways. They helped host a MPower Seminar in St. Louis this past April to raise support and awareness for the ministry and equip parents, pastors, teachers, and leaders to help young people with some the issues they are plagued with today, such as cutting and eating disorders. ZOE has also been involved by bringing youth into the home for cleaning and organizing projects. Ashley King is also part of the St. Louis Run for Mercy 5K committee.

Hunter has been working with teenagers for the last eleven years. During his time at seminary, God gave Phillip the vision to start what is now known as ZOE. The vision of ZOE is to have a place where students from different backgrounds and experiences can fellowship together. ZOE student ministries would state that their purpose is to simply provide students with the knowledge of how to live the Christian life of faith through the uncompromised teaching of God's Word, while providing a family-like atmosphere for all members to experience.

Using apologetics, Phillip took the St. Louis residents on a walk through the Bible with a message he entitled, “Why the Bible is Trustworthy to Be the Authority for Your Life”. Teaching on creation, the fall of man and why we need a Savior, he showed the girls that Jesus needs to be our authority and ruling our lives every day. He asked the girls these questions, “Who is on the throne of your heart? Is it you or is it Jesus?”

“I loved Phillip! I liked it when he said that ‘your emotional and physical healing will come when you are spiritually healed’. And it finally makes sense to me! When I finally allowed God into my heart and my life, that is when I truly began to heal and my heart was fixed.” - Kim

“I always thought I had a good understanding of the Bible. However, when Phillip came, he communicated in such a practical way that made it easy to understand the ‘deep’ stuff that I was never able to grasp before.” - Ashlie

“Pastor Phillip made it crystal clear why God is trustworthy to have free reign of my heart. He made it evident while explaining to us how there is no way that the Bible could be any different than what it says. It’s already been scientifically proven and still today, science shows that the truths line up! This definitely was a boost to increase the level of intimacy I have with God” - Becki

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