Friday, May 22, 2009

Mercy Graduate Impacts Thousands of Lives through Missions!!

In addition to being faithful supporters of Mercy Ministries, John and Suzanne Galvin are also missionaries to Kenya. Through their partnership with Mercy, they met Mercy graduate, Amy Lambert, and quickly learned of her similar heart and passion for missions. Amy and the Galvin’s connected several times to share ideas for mission trips to Africa. This past month, Amy realized a dream and was able to go with the Galvin’s on a mission trip to Kenya as an “evangelist” from the United States sharing her story of freedom from addiction and the unconditional love and hope she found only in Jesus Christ.

We just received this update from Suzanne about their recent trip to Kenya along with an amazing video of Amy speaking – check it out!!

“My family has a small ministry, New Commandment, which supports pastors in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. We have worked with the local pastors to build a school, a medical clinic, several sewing clinics, a baking ministry, and other holistic services to reach the people of the slums with the gospel. We primarily work in Kibera, the largest slum in Africa. It consists of approximately 1 million people living on 300 acres with no plumbing and little electricity.

We just returned a week ago from our latest trip. We knew God called us to speak His truth and healing to our dear brothers and sisters there. The team we took was amazing. It included a young evangelist, Amy. Each night, she would go to the heart of Kibera and preach the Word with power and authority! The first night, we watched as roughly 5,000 people assembled to listen to her testimony. She shared how she was there in love and not in judgment, how Jesus had reached down and touched her and saved her from a life of drugs, addiction and sin, and how He had now sent her to Kibera to do the same for each of them.

After her powerful testimony, hundreds and hundreds responded to the altar call. As the crowd swarmed forward, we cried. You see, this young evangelist had overcome so much. She was a 2005 graduate of the St. Louis Mercy Ministries home! It really hit me then--the work we do for Mercy Ministries not only impacts the lives of those precious girls in the home, but it also impacts every life the girls come into contact with afterwards. In this case, literally thousands of lives have already been impacted, radically changed by God's love. These people responding to the altar call were the very people who caused so much havoc last year, and now they have found hope! It is my prayer that this nation, when faced with another round of elections, has a better chance at peace--all because of this Mercy graduate. To God be the glory!


Below is a video of some of Amy speaking—so powerful!!