Friday, May 8, 2009

Former Mercy Resident Owns Successful Cosmetic Business!

Ashley came through the doors of Mercy Ministries 3 years ago. She was bruised and broken by circumstances that were beyond her control. While at Mercy, she learned about the love and acceptance of God, and that her past does not determine her future.

Today, Ashley is happily married to a police officer, the mother of a one-year-old little girl, Gracie, and the owner of a successful internet-based business, Louie Belle Enterprises and Princess Louie Belle Cosmetics. Ashley sells brand new, high-end wholesale cosmetics from lines such as Clinique, Bobbie Brown, Stila, MAC, LancĂ´me, Estee Lauder, and many more!

Ashley’s business has flourished as she has been faithful to give a generous portion of all her earnings back to Mercy Ministries. We are so grateful for Ashley and her desire to partner with us. We are also excited to watch the Lord bless her and give her the desires of her heart!

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We also thought you might like to hear Ashley’s story in her own words…

I know nothing of the first 3 years of my life except that I was almost at death's door due to starvation. I do not know what any biological family may look or sound like and I do not know my age or birth name. My life as I know it started one cold morning in Seoul, South Korea, when I was almost 3 years old. I had been left in front of the clock tower, which is a typical drop spot for children who are orphaned since at that time in Korea, parents could not walk into an orphanage and give their children up for adoption. The clock tower is located right next to the police station where regular rounds by officers are made and an abandoned child can be discovered and taken to the orphanage for care and hopefully adoption.

I suffered severe abuse while in the orphanage - bites covered every inch of my skin and the malnourishment continued. But God was watching over me and sent me a family that wanted me even though I was way past the desired adoption age. The fact that I was the same size my daughter was when she was 5 months old was probably a factor that helped me.

I would like to say that I went into a loving family that poured into me and I grew up in a home that was stable and full of unconditional love, but unfortunately, the opposite was true. My father left less than a year after the time they brought me to the States, which was somewhat of a blessing, as I still remember the constant terror and abuse I suffered at his hands. My mother fell apart and blamed me for their divorce, and has therefore spent the rest of her life with anger and jealousy towards me. I never knew if I would come home to find everything I owned out on the front lawn for some minor teenage mistake. I regularly was left at seedy motels or on the side of roads when my mother became angry with me or if I was no longer of use to her. It was a way of life for me.

By the time I walked through the Mercy St. Louis doors in 2005, I was a complete mess. I was abused at the hands of almost all the men in my life, “care-givers” and family. The pain of the abuse manifested itself into a girl who had a 15-year battle with a severe eating disorder, cutting, daily drinking and constant pill popping as a pathetic attempt to numb and escape the pain. I handed my body out with the belief that I was exercising my power or believing that I was attaining love. I lived through six serious overdoses, two of which I should not have survived by any means except by the Hands of the Creator who knew there was more to me than what the world had the ability to see. That was all I knew: abuse, rejection and unworthiness of love or care.

However, by the grace of God, I found Mercy Ministries. Through my time at Mercy, I learned that there really is a God who not only loves, but is love. His love is a concept that was introduced to me at Mercy, but that I am still learning due to its incredibly large capacity which no human can ever truly comprehend. I learned that I did not have to walk the path of death and destruction. I learned that I am wanted, loved, worthy and that I have been created for a purpose in God’s Kingdom. That purpose is beyond my comprehension. I was finally given the strength to run the race and a heart to bring as many to this Great Race as possible!

More recently, I have been called to be a “cop’s wife” that displays godly strength through Christ, in order to be the helper that is rare to find. I also have a daughter whose constant laughter and joy is used by God to show that beauty really is more than skin deep and that love is much more than I had ever understood. Recently, I started a business that was never in the farthest corner of my mind, but is now a corporation that distributes worldwide not only the best high-end cosmetics, but the message of the Kingdom. My business is only in its beginning stages with six internet stores but I want to be a good steward and faithful in little so God can make me ruler over much!

The woman I am today is not the woman who walked through the doors of Mercy over 3 years ago. Have I fallen flat on my face? Oh yeah. Have I given in to the old behaviors that I had hoped would be so easily gone? Yes. But what is the difference? I get back up. Now, I know what mercy truly means, what it is and the power it holds to transform my heart with each passing day. I know that I am not condemned, that I can get back up, shake that dust off, grab my Abba, and go forth with my head held high - for I am a Daughter of the Most High King! I know that each time I choose to hold fast to Him instead of the things of this world, my roots in Christ go a little bit deeper. I also know in the deepest, most secret places of my heart that God has called me to be a world-changer and nation-shaker. Mercy is a place where women are transformed by the unconditional love and power of Christ from brokenness to wholeness.

My life is not merely a world of makeup and deal-making - a place where things are ordinary and can so easily be used for vanity - but is rather a place where miracles flow and lives are transformed by the seemingly innocuous clicking of my keyboard and the love and obedience of my heart. This is what Mercy has done for me. This is what my God has done in me. And to think, this is merely the beginning, the small beginnings of which I do not despise.”

We are so proud of Ashley for all that she has overcome and for all that she has allowed God to do in and through her.

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