Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nashville Graduate and Her Dad Volunteer Their Spring Break to Serve at Mercy Ministries

Kori graduated from the Nashville home in October of 2006. She came to Mercy Ministries desperate for help with a severe eating disorder. Kori’s dad said, “I credit Mercy Ministries for saving my daughter’s life.” Currently, Kori is attending college with a desire to go into full time ministry. She is not positive about what the Lord wants her to do, but she is looking into ministry options all over the United States.

This last week, Kori and her dad, Tom, returned to the Nashville home and corporate offices to volunteer their spring break serving in as many ways as possible. Together, they helped administratively with data entry, inventory, mailings, and errands. They also spent time in the home getting to know our current residents. Kori said, “I am grateful for the opportunity to give back to Mercy Ministries. This past week was actually more of an encouragement to me than anything.” Her dad followed that up with, “It is an honor to come back to spend a small amount of time helping the ministry in anyway that I can.”

Tom works for the Reynolds Packaging Group in Hot Springs, AR . Plant Manager for the Reynolds Packaging Group, Mark Parrish, and Resource Manager, Paula Lattanzi, donated aluminum foil to our Nashville home along with t-shirts for the girls, which Tom brought with him when he came. Paula also made a personal financial donation to the ministry.

Upon leaving, Tom said, “Mercy Ministries has a special place in my heart and what they do is awesome. To bring girls in from all walks of life with all kinds of struggles and allow them to go through the program free of charge is an amazing thing. I am just so thankful for Mercy Ministries.”

Thank you, Tom and Kori, for spending your spring break with us serving and giving back!!