Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gospel Singer/Songwriter Niyoki Visits Mercy Ministries in Nashville

Nashville residents were excited to have up and coming gospel singer and songwriter Niyoki come by the home for a special private concert last Thursday. Niyoki first found out about Mercy through a close friend and wanted to learn more, so she came for a tour of the Nashville home and corporate offices last fall. She was deeply touched by what she saw and fell in love with our heart for and our ministry to hurting young women. In turn, Niyoki gave a copy of her newest album to all 90 U.S. residents for Christmas. The residents loved her music so much that we decided to invite her back to the Nashville home to share her musical talent with the girls and staff.

Niyoki spoke about growing up in a musical family and how she came to a point where she made the choice to surrender a music career and trust God with her future, rather than chasing fame and worldly success. Niyoki’s time with our residents was so uplifting as she sang songs from her new album “Rest”. She sang about her love for the Lord and the peace she finds in using her God-given talents to glorify Him, rather than striving to get ahead or to be known. Niyoki has a real joy for life that rubs off on everyone she meets!

Here is what a few of our girls had to say about her visit:

Andrea said, “Joy is completely different from happiness or how we feel about certain situations. How many people would not be blessed if Niyoki had not decided to walk in the will of God? It makes me think about my life; not walking in the will of God can be selfish in so many ways.”

Andi said, “Now, I realize that I can come to God just as I am and give Him my burdens. He knows right where I am at. It does not matter what my struggles are because I need to allow God to move and I must have joy in the midst of struggle.”

Abby said, “I realized that I need to give everything to God and He will take care of me!”

Check out this video of Niyoki’s time at Mercy:

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