Friday, April 17, 2009

Final Four Championship Brings 50 NCAA Coaches, Players and Friends to Visit Our St. Louis Home

Over the years, Nancy Alcorn, founder of Mercy Ministries, has developed lasting friendships with many NCAA coaches across the country through her ministry to young women and her love for sports. Last week, in honor of the Final Four Championship being held in St. Louis, Missouri, Nancy Alcorn and Mercy Ministries' staff and girls hosted a large group of nearly 50 coaches, players, and friends at the Mercy home in St. Louis.

The group arrived in time to join our residents and staff for lunch, which allowed for an extended time of casual conversation and sharing. Nancy then shared her heart for hurting young women and the mission of Mercy Ministries. Nancy was then encouraged by several of her closest friends to tell some of the hilarious and touching stories from over the years. All our guests took the time to stand and personally introduce themselves to the group.

After the introductions and time of sharing, the group moved into an incredible time of worship led by well-known worship artist Jami Smith and one of her band members, Janet Hubbell. This talented duo ministered in a powerful way with songs like Faith in You, Love is Deep, Sit with You Awhile and Come unto Me. Hearts were touched, tears were shed and God was glorified in a mighty way! Jami came bearing gifts of her latest CD entitled Faith in You for each Mercy girl, and they could not have been happier to receive this generous gift!

The NCAA group, including Deb Patterson from Kansas State, Kristi Curry from Texas Tech, Jane Albright from University of Nevada, Donna Noonan with Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Maurice Hilliard from Pepperdine University, Erica Montgomery & Mamie James from North Texas University and Eric Scholz of Utah State University to name a few, all took tours of the home and saw the many ways God is at work through Mercy Ministries.

Here is what some of our residents had to say about this amazing time of fellowship and worship:

"Having Nancy and Final Four ladies and gentlemen at the Mercy home yesterday was such a so much fun! Jami Smith did an amazing job leading the worship and God touched my heart in a huge way! Nancy is so down to earth and made us feel so loved. Thank you!" - Tiffany

"I thought the worship was transparent and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Jami did a great job connecting with us." – Emily

"I was overwhelmed by the love Nancy has for us girls. It was apparent as she walked into the room and started talking with us. I just praise God for placing the vision of Mercy into her heart and that she was willing to obey no matter what! To have that kind of faith and incredible obedience to God is so encouraging." - Jenna

"It was encouraging to see the NCAA coaches and players come out to the home and just ‘hang’ with us. As faith-filled believers, the love they shared with us ministered to my heart. I have no doubt now that there are people out there that really do care about us and support us – God showed me that through this special visit." - Lauren

Special thanks to this group of coaches, players, and friends who took the time out of their busy schedules to come and visit! Also special thanks to Jami Smith for leading us in a special time of worship!