Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oral Roberts University students volunteer in Nashville and St. Louis

Most college students think of spring break as a time to bask themselves in the sun on the beach while forgetting about their studies and the stress of another semester. This week, however, spring break for a team of Oral Roberts University students means doing the work of God’s “Son” by reaching out to the young women in the Nashville and St. Louis homes.

For several years we have had a relationship with the ORU missions department in which every year a team of female students choose to give up their spring breaks to come and serve in our homes—they clean, organize, work in various offices, and help with whatever is needed. They also take time to share their individual testimonies, and even end the week with a talent show. Residents and staff alike continue to be touched by the annual commitment and contribution that ORU students make to Mercy Ministries on their spring break. Here are just a few of the comments about this special week:

“I was really touched by all the ORU girls being so open and vulnerable with us. It was that which impacted me more than even what they said. It gives me hope that there are amazing Christian women out there living out their faith. I hope to have friends like them when I leave Mercy.” Rachele, a resident.

“I liked all the testimonies … I loved when one of the ORU girls said that God can completely restore all that has been lost, which is something I struggle with. I found that each of them had a part of their life that I could identify with.” Chantelle, a resident.

“I am really impressed with how open all of the ORU girls were to share and open up their hearts to us.” Susan, a resident.

“I love having the ORU girls here. I’m really glad to hear their testimonies. It shows me that everyone, not just “Mercy girls” have life happen to them. To have never known these girls and have them come and share how great God is in (their) lives is so incredible.” Jennifer, a resident.

“It just showed me that God can work with anyone through anything. It was cool that they all learned some of the same things that we learn here every day. Some of their stories were very, very similar to mine and I thought that was so cool.” Caroline, a resident.

"Thank you ORU students. You have helped staff more than you realize. So many of the projects that you were able to complete are things that we have wanted to do for quite a while, but never had the time to do it. This week has been a blessing!” Nashville staff.