Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mercy Ministries Lives the Dream

Live the Dream is a Christian lifestyle brand, as well as an online community that features profiles of young, successful people who share high standards of excellence and live within the Biblical principles that define the foundation of the company. It is also an apparel campaign that is run and supported by Christian men and women who promote success and excellence. They have established a clothing line to get people involved with their mission. Fashion is an easy way to make a statement, and Live the Dream displays positive messages and statements on all of their apparel. They have been declaring war against mediocrity and are boldly proclaiming a movement against the rising tides of complacency in our culture. Their goal is to help others succeed and to provide people with the tools and knowledge needed to see their dreams become a reality.

Since October of 2008, they have spoken to over 20,000 people at leadership conferences around the United States. Live the Dream has exclusive access to large, privately held, leadership conferences several times a year. These conferences provide an opportunity to reach thousands of people through fashion and music and it gives them the opportunity to lead people to their website.

Live the Dream has also interviewed and promoted several high profile athletes including Olympic wrestler, Jake Deitchler, and pro snowboarders, Kelly Clark and Andy Finch. All of these athletes have competed in the Olympics and are exceptional examples of high personal standards, morals, and ethics. Live the Dream promotes the individuals they profile through their online community, leadership conferences, and through their large networks on Facebook and Twitter.

Chelsea Brown, director of Live the Dream, is excited about partnering with Mercy Ministries and explains, “In partnering with Mercy Ministries, it is our hope, to provide Mercy with a greater platform and access to numerous new circles of influence. We would like to help Mercy Ministries raise funds and awareness for their ministry through apparel promotions and donations. Live the Dream is selective about the organizations we chose to partner with but we believe Mercy Ministries exemplifies in every way what it means to Live the Dream, by helping other women find, reestablish and define their dreams with incredible success. It's not just about living your dream; it's about pouring yourself into others as well. It isn't until we serve each other that we truly become free. Mercy is a perfect example of servanthood, which is why we are proud to partner with them and hopefully give them an even greater voice.”

In October, Live the Dream sponsored the Mercy Ministries Barlow Girl benefit concert in St. Louis and they recently finished production on a Mercy Ministries t-shirt. Live the Dream donated shirts to all of the residents at the Nashville home and they plan to give a part of the proceeds from the sales of each shirt to the ministry. To purchase a shirt, visit:

Mercy Ministries would like to thank Live the Dream for their support. To learn more about Live the Dream, visit their website at: