Thursday, March 26, 2009

Calvary Chapel Pastors Rob and Lou Taylor Partner with Mercy Ministries

Senior Pastor Rob Taylor of Calvary Chapel Brentwood and his wife Lou Taylor have been faithful monthly supporters of Mercy Ministries for years personally, through their church, and through Lou’s business. As CEO of TriStar Sports and Entertainment Group, Lou has spent over 20 years managing the careers and finances of numerous professional athletes and celebrities. Lou is also the author of “The Becoming Devotional Bible.” Lou has devoted time and energy to promoting Mercy Ministries to her clients and using her influence to spread awareness about the ministry.

Amidst their busy schedule of writing, speaking, managing a business and pastoring a church, Pastor Rob and Lou still find time to stop by from time to time to encourage our residents and staff in our Nashville home. Rob has given his testimony of how he came to know and serve God. A few years after Rob and Lou got married, Rob decided to stop living for himself and completely gave his life to God. After winning a battle with cancer, Rob followed God’s leading to Nashville, Tennessee, where God called him to pastor a church. Being a pastor was something Rob had feared all his life. He thought he was “a nobody” and could never stand up and teach the Word of God. But as his life testifies, “You may be a nobody, but God is a somebody.”

Lou Taylor and Nancy Alcorn pictured with Supermodel Niki Taylor at Mercy Ministries 25th Anniversary Gala.

On numerous occasions, Lou has reminded the residents that it only takes one person being obedient to God to make a huge difference in the lives of others. She encourages the girls by telling them that each of their lives is significant to God, and He can use each one of them to do great things and to impact the world.

Thank you Pastor Rob and Lou for consistently pouring your time and energy into Mercy Ministries! We appreciate both of you along with your monthly partnership and commitment to bring awareness to our ministry!

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