Friday, January 30, 2009

Mercy Ministries Girls Cheer Vanderbilt to Victory!

We wanted to take the opportunity to thank Vanderbilt University and in particular, the women’s basketball program, for providing 50 season tickets for our girls to go and enjoy all of their home games. Last night, the girls attended the game and Vanderbilt beat Arkansas in overtime 72-61. The girls helped cheer them on to victory. Now the Commodores are 3-0 at home in conference play this season!

“I wanted to thank the Vanderbilt women’s basketball team for inviting us to their home games and for giving us tickets! I have enjoyed all of the games this season and last night’s game was really exciting, because it went into overtime. I love watching the girls play, because they are so talented, competitive, and they play hard.”


“We always have fun at the Vanderbilt basketball games. It’s a great chance to get out of the house and hang out with my Mercy sisters. Thank you Vanderbilt for donating the tickets to us! Last night’s game against Arkansas was exciting!


“I love going to the games to cheer on Vanderbilt! It is so much fun to watch the girls play. They have a strong team this year and we have a blast cheering them on. Thanks Vandy!”


The girls wanted to personally thank the team for inviting them to the games. You can follow their season at Go Vandy!