Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Lasting Impact – Letters from Parents

We have recently received several letters and emails from the parents of Mercy graduates who are so thankful that Mercy was able to bring hope and healing to their families in the midst of desperate situations. For over 25 years now, Mercy Ministries has been helping hurting young women find freedom from life-controlling issues. In addition to seeing young women’s lives changed through the power of Jesus Christ, we have also seen entire families impacted. We get so excited when we hear about the lives that have been changed, and we wanted to share a few of these letters with you.

How can we begin to thank you for all you have given our daughter, Jaima, these past 6 months? We sent you a young lady confused, hopeless, prideful, stubborn, and without passion. You are giving us back a young woman who is full of passion for our Lord who has healed her brokenness and given her hope and a future. We stand amazed how our Lord has grabbed a hold of her and renewed her. Thank you for your prayers, endurance, ears, teaching, structure, and love. Our prayers for the ministry will be constant and we plan to give as often as we can.

Continue to serve Him and He will continue to move in HUGE ways in the Mercy homes!

Love, Amy (mother of Mercy graduate)

I want to humbly thank you for saving my daughter’s life though Mercy Ministries. How can we ever repay you? This is one of the most joyful times in our lives.

Approximately 13 months ago, Kori and I were passing though Nashville and I called Mercy Ministries to see if we could stop at your facility. A Mercy graduate took us on a tour of the facility. I will never forget her story and the things she told us about Mercy Ministries. I remember speaking to her in the lobby when I started to cry. I felt so sad inside. I was hurting for my daughter. I thought I had been in some pretty tough battles in my life but no battle compared to this. As we drove away, I gathered my emotions and continued on our journey, hoping that someday Kori would go to Mercy to receive healing and restoration.

Just a few days later, we found out that Kori was accepted into the program. What joy we felt! I called my wife right away to share the good news. Our family had been on a deep, dark, journey for several years and there was so much uncertainty, emotional pain, and heartbreak that we thought the future looked very dim. God opened Mercy Ministries’ door to us and a new journey began for Kori and our entire family. God works His plan in many ways. Kori has grown in so many ways, and as a result of our dark journey, we as individuals and as a family have grown as well. We have so much to be thankful for. I cannot even begin to count the blessings God has given me and my family. I commend Kori for her hard work and growth. I love my daughter so much and I thank God for her. I know God has a special plan for her.

As we leave Mercy Ministries and begin a new chapter in our lives, I will never forget the unconditional love you have shown me and my family. While all the glory goes to God our Lord and Savior, I thank God for you. Thank you for helping my daughter, me, and my family. Time and distance has a way of causing people to forget what others have done for them. You and this ministry will always be close to us and in our hearts and prayers. I hope you will allow us to visit from time to time.

Tom (father of a Mercy graduate)

We just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU for listening to God as He led you years ago to start Mercy Ministries.
On Thursday night, we received one of the most wonderful phone calls we could have ever gotten. Our daughter, Laura, has been at Mercy in St. Louis for four months, and we received a call Thursday to tell us she would be graduating soon!!!!

I know you get many letters from people telling about how low things were before Mercy....but we want to say it also...she was so down that we knew only God could bring her back to us...and through your staff's loving guidance, He has done just that!

We learned of Mercy quite a few years ago at a Sunday morning worship service we attended through our Amway business.

We knew then that Mercy was what our daughter needed....but until she knew it and wanted it for herself....we could only pray that God would open her heart.

After having been at Mercy, just talking on the phone with our daughter is unbelievable.....she is so different in her thinking, how she talks of praying to God for answers, and how she KNOWS He has plans for her! Miracles do still happen!

Again, we want to say thank you for all you have done.
God Bless You and the Staff at Mercy!

John and Trina (parents of a Mercy graduate)

Dear Nancy,

We can't begin to tell you how thankful we are that you and the Lord made it possible for Rachel to come to Mercy. I truly think that if she hadn't come when she did that she would either be in jail or something worse by now. She is like a different person---a new creation in Christ. We pray every day that she will stay on the path and listen to the Lord and obey. I know it’s hard at times, but she is determined to work things out.

It’s truly amazing to us how all this worked out. We can now see how the Lord's hand prepared for the time that Rachel would need Mercy Ministries. It is truly a miracle!!!

If we can ever help you in any way please let us know. We will be eternally grateful to you for what you have done for our family.

With grateful hearts, we love you
Sara and Dan (Aunt and Uncle of a Mercy graduate)


I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all you do! My daughter Tabitha graduated from the Nashville home in November and my husband and I both have looked at each other so many times during this past Christmas season and reflected on where we were last year at this time...I am afraid that without Mercy it is very likely that our Tabby may not have been with us! Thank you for all that you do - you are such an inspiration to so many!
Sending you the best in 2009 and God's love all throughout the year.

Terri (mother of a Mercy graduate)

Dear Nancy,

We love you and we love Mercy Ministries! We love that you have the heart of God and we love that our daughter, Rachel, is fruit from Mercy. She is truly a new creation – healed and whole. Many young girls are now turning to Rachel for hope for their broken lives. God is amazing.

Thank you Nancy.

Randy, Melissa, Deanna, and Rachel (family of a Mercy graduate)

Dear Nancy and all the Wonderful Mercy Staff,

Mercy was the river that we needed when our desert was dry with no end in sight. You were the Oasis Ana ran to when she needed the only living water that truly cleanses and sustains. You gave hope, unconditional love, and equipped her with the tools and weapons to become the victorious overcomer that I know Christ has purposed her to be. May God continue to prosper, bless, and sustain you to touch many more for years and years to come. Amen.

In Him,
The Browns (family of a Mercy graduate)