Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mercy Highlighted in New York City and Los Angeles Conferences

Mercy Ministries Founder, Nancy Alcorn, was the keynote speaker at a three-day conference in the heart of Manhattan, NY. She was joined by Mercy graduate, Holly, who shared her story of how she was completely set free from cutting. Click here to read Holly’s entire story.

Holly’s mother was also in attendance to share about how difficult this was as a parent to feel so helpless. She prayed and prayed for her daughter, and Mercy ended up being the answer to her prayers. Holly has been out of the program now for two years and is very involved in reaching out to help other hurting girls who struggle with the same issues.

The timing of this conference in New York City was interesting because the weekend before, Nancy had the opportunity to share her message at another conference in Los Angeles to several thousand attendees. Nancy was also able to reunite with several former Mercy residents from the area who attended the conference as well.

In addition to reuniting with several former residents, we also wanted to share an amazing praise report with you from L.A. About six years ago, Nancy spoke for the first time at the same church where this conference was held. That night, Nancy gave an altar call for people who were broken and needed prayer and the altar was flooded. There were two girls there that night who were pregnant and getting ready to go to the abortion clinic. As a result of that time at the altar, both girls made the choice of life. One of the girls had an appointment with the abortion clinic the very next morning, but God intervened that night.

That was six years ago, and when Nancy was there a couple of weeks ago, she was told there was someone there who wanted to say thank you to her. It turns out that this was one of the girls who answered that altar call approximately six years ago, and made the choice of life. She told Nancy that she wanted her to see her daughter (pictured on the right) and tell her how well she is doing and how much she loves attending church regularly. This is such a great joy and we wanted to share with you what your support is helping make possible.

During the conference in Los Angeles, an official announcement was also made about the first West Coast home that will be opening in Sacramento the first part of 2009. Click here to see the progress.