Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Highlights from New Orleans Women’s Conference…

This past weekend, Nancy had the wonderful privilege and opportunity to speak to 1,500 women in New Orleans at a women’s conference called Glorious, hosted by Cathy Duplantis, wife and ministry partner of Jesse Duplantis.

Cathy and Nancy were joined by musical guest, Karen Wheaton. Many lives were impacted during this two-day conference, and there were a large number of women of all ages that made first time commitments to Christ. That in itself is always very exciting!!

When we asked Nancy Alcorn to describe what the highlight of the conference was for her personally, this is what she had to say.

Nancy and Mary, 1991 graduate of Mercy Ministries
“I was so touched when after the service, two of the young girls who were graduates of Mercy Ministries came to spend time with me. Both girls had driven from quite a distance to attend the conference, as they had seen it advertised on television. One girl, whose name is Mary (pictured right), graduated from the Louisiana program in 1991, and today she is in full-time ministry and uses our books to help girls who have issues with cutting, eating disorders, sexual abuse, and addictions. I am so proud of Mary, who has now gone on to help so many young women. This is the first time I had seen Mary since 1991, but I recognized her immediately. That was very special to me.

Nancy with Heather and her mother

Nancy with Heather (pictured left) and her mother, Judy (pictured right)

In addition, another young girl who graduated from our Nashville home in 2000 also came with her mom to be a part of the conference. I remember when Heather (pictured left) first came to Mercy, and she and her family were both so emotional over the fact that she was facing an unplanned pregnancy as a teenager. Through much prayer, Heather made the decision to place her child for adoption. Today, she is working as a dental assistant and is a leader in her church that the youth can look up to. Her mom said that she loves her job, and she prays with all of her patients. I was so moved by being able to be reunited with these two young women.”

Nancy with Glorious conference attendees
Nancy with some conference attendees

Jesse and Cathy Duplantis had a very special and unexpected surprise for Nancy. On the first night of the conference, they presented Nancy with a beautiful piece of crystal art that had been engraved with specific details congratulating Nancy and Mercy Ministries on 25 years of ministry. It was truly a weekend to remember!!