Thursday, October 30, 2008

Benefit Concert – BarlowGirl Partners with Mercy Ministries

On Friday Oct. 24, 2008 BarlowGirl had a concert at Faith Church in St. Louis to benefit Mercy Ministries. Some of you may not know that the three talented young ladies that make up this group are actually sisters.

Mercy residents from the St. Louis home attended the concert, and also got to have a special meet and greet with the band. This was a special time for our girls because of their love for BarlowGirl as a group, but also their appreciation for their support of Mercy Ministries. Mercy resident Kimmy had this to say, “They are so real and on fire for God. I am so excited they came to St. Louis and we had the chance to hear them and also to meet them!”

One of BarlowGirl’s fans shared the following, “I just learned about Mercy Ministries at the concert and I so believe in the need for this ministry. I have had friends that have dealt with some of the problems that the girls at Mercy are faced with--suicidal thoughts, depression, eating disorders, and addictions. When I heard the testimonies of the Mercy graduates whose lives were changed by God through Mercy Ministries, it gave me great hope for the many people who struggle in our world.”

We would like to thank BarlowGirl for their continued love and support for Mercy Ministries. Since they have partnered with us, they have shared their heart for Mercy Ministries at their live concert events and encouraged their fans to get involved and help support the ministry.

Mercy Ministries would also like to thank Pastors David and Nicole Crank of Faith Church in St. Louis for donating the use of their new church facilities. Not only did they provide the venue, but they also supplied the needed concert volunteers from their church congregation. To learn more about Faith Church St. Louis please visit

We would also like to thank our corporate sponsors for this event - Live the Dream, S & J Collectibles, and Chick-fil-A.