Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beauty from Ashes

“A needle and a spoon consumed my life, followed by the torment of how my next fix would come. When I arrived at Mercy Ministries, I knew it was my last hope,” said Amy, a Mercy Ministries graduate. Amy is just one of the countless girls all over the world to experience a transformation from Mercy Ministries. “I was scared and broken, but when I walked through the doors, I could actually feel the tangible love and peace of God. Little did I know that my life would be changed forever."

Meeting founder of Mercy Ministries Nancy Alcorn, a petite, blonde dynamo, is an experience to remember. She is engaging, warm and energetic, and she has a great fashion sense. Her obsession with sports is rivaled only by her love of helping girls in need. A can-do spirit and sheer determination, along with an unwavering faith, guide her daily. Watching her work and seeing what she accomplishes in the course of a day will astound you—she seems to defy gravity. It’s easy to see how she became a role model for so many young-women.

In 1988, Nancy was returning from a hectic conference in Las Vegas. Exhausted, she was eyeing the one remaining empty seat on her plane, which happened to be right next to her. Just before the boarding door closed, a man stepped onto the plane and took the seat.

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