Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two More Lives Transformed!

We are so excited to share the stories of two girls that recently graduated from the St. Louis home. Here are their encouraging testimonies of freedom!

Kerri’s Story:

Kerri far left - Tammy far right

For nearly eight years of my life, I lived behind so many lies trying to appear perfect. This all started the summer after my freshman year in college. I wanted to fit in so badly, and I believed that if I was skinny enough, others would like me. I initially started dieting, but this quickly turned into and eating disorder. Anorexia and bulimia soon ruled my life. Although my life was a mess, I was not willing to give it up because my bondage was my comfort. Eventually I got married, and when my eating disorder began to affect my marriage, I knew I needed help. My husband gave me the choice to get help or we would separate because he could no longer take the lies. Some time after that, I found out about Mercy Ministries.

While I was a resident at Mercy, I found acceptance and my true identity. I fell in love with the God who made me. I learned patience and how to lay things down at God’s feet—how to trust Him to work all things out. God also worked in my marriage in such a huge way. Now, my husband and I are closer than ever. There are no more secrets within our relationship. My whole identity is now securely based in Christ. My life has been changed in a way I never believed possible.

After I leave Mercy, I look forward to finding a job as a teacher. My husband and I have also decided to start planning a family. Before Mercy, I never thought freedom could exist like this, but now I am ready to walk it out!

Tammy’s Story:

Before I came to Mercy, I was completely lost in my own world. I struggled with alcoholism, an eating disorder, and self-harm. I was severely depressed and used all of these things to cope with a past of sexual, emotional and physical abuse. I heard about Mercy Ministries many years ago while attending a Point of Grace concert and so I decided to apply.

Since I have been at Mercy, I have grown tremendously in my relationship with God. He has shown me that my sins have been paid for so that I don’t have to keep paying the price. I now view myself the way that God views me. I know that He has forgiven me and that he loves me. Just knowing that I am a beautiful princess to Him has freed me from a life of death!

Once I graduate, I am going to return home and live with parents and sister. Eventually, I would love to return to school. For right now though, I am going to use my testimony of freedom to help others who are struggling. I am so excited to enjoy the life that God has restored for me.

Congratulations Girls—We are very proud of you!