Monday, September 15, 2008

A Double Blessing – Straight from the Heart!!

Current resident, Caitlin, wanted to share with you these pictures of the amazing family that God provided for her twins. Caitlin came to Mercy Ministries pregnant, scared, and unsure of her future. Here is a little bit of what Caitlin wanted to share about what she has experienced while at Mercy Ministries:

“Before I came to Mercy, I was in a pit, living only for myself. But through this whole process, God has taught me selflessness and what it was like for Him to give up His only Son. It helped me to take my eyes off of myself—my depression and my rejections. Even though my choice to give my babies up for adoption was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, it actually saved my life.

I have experienced first hand that God gives us the desires of our heart, and He has answered my every desire in providing the perfect family for my babies. God was faithful with the desires of my heart and also knew the desire of this family’s heart to adopt twins. This family was an absolute divine connection for me.

Thank you for your support, which made it possible for me to come to Mercy Ministries and hear clearly from God about placing my babies for adoption – look what the Lord has done! I am excited to graduate from Mercy and begin my life apart from my past and the person I used to be. Just like Paul said… “forgetting what’s behind I press on towards the things ahead…”. The future God has in store for my twins and me is so bright, God has so much in store for all of us that were involved in this process.”