Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Air-Time For Mercy Ministries!

For the month of September, Mercy Ministries is partnering with Air 1 Radio of St. Louis. Air 1 is a non-commercial, not-for-profit ministry, which is supported by listeners. They receive some 14,000 prayer requests each month by either phone or email. At least four times a day, they gather to pray for their listeners.

Each year, Air 1 gives back millions of dollars in free air-time to other ministries. They have chosen to work with Mercy Ministries this month and we couldn’t be more excited! Throughout the month, we will be featured on their website in addition to radio spots that will spread awareness about Mercy. Through this exposure, it is our hope that listeners will either get involved or know where to turn if they are in need of help.

We greatly appreciate and would like to thank Air 1 for this amazing opportunity—we are believing for more saved lives from this exposure!

Check out Air 1’s website to listen online or get more information.