Monday, June 23, 2008

Grateful Parents of a Mercy Graduate Give Back

Mercy Graduate, Autumn, and her mother, wanted to do something special to say “Thank you” to Mercy Ministries for bringing hope to their family in the midst of a desperate situation. After four years of watching Autumn struggle with a severe eating disorder, hospitalizations, and almost loosing her life several times, they found Mercy. Here is a letter we received from Autumn’s mom, sharing about what they did to give back.

“Since my husband has been unemployed for 10 months out of the past 16 months, we do not have the resources to send a gift to Mercy. We prayed about this, and the Lord sent us the idea of having a Mercy Sale. We would go to people’s garage sales and ask if they would like to donate something to us for our sale for Mercy. This opened numerous doors of opportunity for us to tell people about Mercy. Others gave us full boxes of items and even car loads of stuff to sell. Soon our garage was overflowing. (My husband thought he would never be able to park his car in our garage again!)

We had many people praying for us. The three days of the sale were supposed to be in the 60’s and sunny. Instead, it was rainy and cold, but that did not stop the Lord from pouring out a special blessing.
We set out a container and said that everything was for sale just for a donation to Mercy. We had extra copies of the Mercy Magazine to give to those who came. And…we gave out M&M’s to everyone who came so that they would remember to pray for Mercy Ministries. The people came…and came…and came for three days!
God sent so many wonderful people to the sale! We had put up signs all over town that said “Mercy Sale”, and people came just to see what the “Mercy Sale” was. We met so many kind people who were so excited to hear about Mercy. Some people didn’t buy anything, but just dropped money in the jar! Others started crying and wanted to know all about Mercy because they knew a family member or friend was struggling from an eating disorder, alcoholism, drug addiction. We started a list of prayer requests from people who asked us to pray for them and their loved ones. It was truly an exciting, overwhelming, and blessed time!
We even had a couple come who saw the “Mercy Sale” sign while traveling through our town and said they just had to stop. We found out that this man is the lead singer in the Calvary Men’s Quartet, a group based in Michigan. After hearing about Mercy, they wanted to know if we could come and present the work of Mercy at a service at their church, as well as in other area churches, and they would take an offering for Mercy.
You will find enclosed a check from the proceeds from the Mercy Sale. With God working through you and through our daughter, He has graciously restored her and we rejoice as the healing, for her and our family, continues. Thank you!”