Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Meet Nancy Alcorn

Equipped4Living recently had the privilege of interviewing Nancy Alcorn, founder of Mercy Ministries. Read on to find out about the wonderful work this organization is doing among young women across several continents.

This April, Mercy Ministries celebrates its 25th Anniversary. What are the top three highlights that stand out to you as you look back?

1. After speaking at an evangelism conference in Las Vegas, I met a man on the plane ride home who asked how much money I had lost gambling. I told him I hadn’t gone to Vegas to gamble and shared briefly about Mercy Ministries with him. He seemed interested, so I gave him a brochure as we parted. About four weeks later, this same man called me to ask for more details about Mercy Ministries and said he felt compelled to help in some way. It was then that I told him about the plans for the unwed mothers’ home. He told me he had been adopted when he was five days old. His heart was so touched that he wrote a check to Mercy Ministries for the exact amount needed to help build the second Mercy Ministries house debt-free. You can read the entire story in my book Echoes of Mercy.

2. In 1995 we opened the 40 bed facility in Nashville debt-free.

3. In 2000 we opened our first international home in Sydney, Australia.

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