Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nancy Alcorn Speaks in Chicago and Celebrates
those who are “Still Standing”

Last weekend Nancy Alcorn was the featured speaker for Family Harvest Church’s annual women’s conference in Chicago, IL, hosted by Linda Thompson, wife of Pastor Robb Thompson. The theme of the weekend was “Still Standing” in honor of the church’s 25th Anniversary.

Nancy delivered four keynote sessions throughout the weekend, and she also shared her experiences with Mercy Ministries over the last 25 years. Throughout the conference, Linda also highlighted different women who have overcome a variety of difficult circumstances but are still standing today. Of the women who shared their stories, some had overcome adversity as women in ministry, some illnesses including cancer, and we even heard from single women who are living a life of purity and fulfillment while they believe for a Godly husband. Another one of the young women who was honored was a 2007 Mercy graduate who has found complete freedom from an eating disorder. It was a time of great encouragement as all of these women were celebrated for standing on God’s Word despite the hardships that they have faced.

One of the highlights from the trip was when Nancy was reunited with one of Mercy’s long time friends and supporters, Christina, who was at the conference. After walking though a dark past, similar to many of the Mercy girls, this woman has found freedom through Christ and has developed a passion for making a difference in the lives of hurting young women. When Christina got married just a few years ago, her wedding gift from her new husband was the gift of becoming a lifetime monthly partner with Mercy Ministries!

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